Top 10 Hottest Ullu Web Series actress name with photos and profile

With the growing users base of ott series ullu web series actress name focused on raw and desi webseries content and came out with best, hot webseries of all the times with good stories and hot actresses which played role in such way that people become habitual and started connecting with them selves. In this article you will find top 10 hottest ullu webseries actress name with photos, background and webseries name in which they have acted, we have given brief as well about the act of these webseries actress.


Ullu web series focused on bold and capitative content and delving into the theme of romance, drama, relationship, adult content and users get raw touch. Even according to a data those indian users who were watching sax websites earlier now have started consuming ullu webseries content and liking ullu webseries actress and not just that the search volume on the keyword “ ullu webseries actress name” grown 2x people are more interested in connecting and following webseries actress instead of bollywood actress.

Here is the Short list hottest and bold ullu webseries actress name with webseries name : Here is a list of ten popular actresses from Ullu web series along with the titles of the web series they have acted in:

  1. Anveshi Jain

   – Web Series: “Gandi Baat”

  1. Shafaq Naaz

   – Web Series: “Halala”

  1. Anupama Prakash

   – Web Series: “Woodpecker”

  1. Jinnie Jazz

   – Web Series: “Charmsukh (Jane Anjane Mein)”

  1. Nehal Vadoliya

   – Web Series: “Gandii Baat”, “Mastram”

  1. Simran Khan

   – Web Series: “Palang Tod (Care Taker)”, “Blackmail”

  1. Priya Mishra
  • Web Series: “Riti Riwaj (Tijarat)”
  1. Nikhita Chopra

   – Web Series: “Khul Ja Sim Sim”

  1. Sneha Paul

   – Web Series: “Charmsukh (Chawl House)”

  1. Mishti Basu

    – Web Series: “Charmsukh (Salahkaar)”, “Palang Tod (Aadha Adhura Pyaar)” 


These ullu webseries actress name have garnered attention for their performances and have been quite popular among viewers of Ullu web series.

Anveshi Jain, hailing from Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, was born on June 25, 1991. She rose to prominence through her portrayal in the popular series “Gandi Baat”. Anveshi, who initially pursued engineering, has now ventured into acting, singing, and motivational speaking. With a huge fan base on social media, she is renowned for her daring performances. Apart from her involvement in “Gandi Baat”, she has also been associated with numerous modeling assignments and aspires to make her mark in mainstream Bollywood movies.
Ullu Web Series actress name Ullu Web Series actress name

As she takes on more difficult roles in movies and web series, Anveshi Jain’s career continues to develop. She has additionally dealt with different ventures like “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Chief: Of Special Services” Anveshi is anticipating extending her presence in Bollywood, with a few forthcoming ventures ready to go. Her rise from a small town to prominence in the digital entertainment industry is inspiring and exemplifies her talent and perseverance. She also engages in personal development and motivational speaking, bringing her insights and experiences to a wider audience.

Anveshi Jain Instagram Account :

Followers:  6 million

2. Shafaq Naaz is best known for her role in “Halala.” She was born on February 7, 1994, in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Shafaq, who began her vocation with television serials like “Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai”, has left a huge imprint in the computerized space with her extraordinary exhibitions. She might get roles in mainstream movies and more web series in the future.
Ullu Web Series actress name

Shafaq Naaz has expanded her repertoire by appearing in additional web series and television shows in addition to her notable role in “Halala.” She keeps on being an unmistakable figure in Indian TV with jobs in series like “Chidiya Ghar” and “Kulfi Kumar Bajewala”. Shafaq’s future tasks incorporate more web series that dig into social issues and proposition her jobs that challenge her abilities to act. Shafaq remains a versatile actress with a promising future in both television and digital media, and her dedication to her craft is evident in her performances. She comes from a family with a strong artistic background.

Shafaq Naaz Instagram Account :
Followers : 824K

3. Anupama Prakash is from Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh, and her role in “Woodpecker” brought her a lot of attention. Anupama, who was born on November 17, 1992, has appeared in a number of regional films and web series. She is valued for her adaptability and daring presence on screen.

Ullu Web Series actress name

Notwithstanding “Woodpecker”, Anupama Prakash has chipped away at a few other web series and movies, including “Riti Riwaj” and “Wonderful Back rub Parlor”. She keeps on getting offers for different undertakings in the advanced space, mirroring her developing prominence and ability. Anupama intends to take on roles that are more challenging and diverse in her upcoming projects, which include a mix of regional films and web series. Her excursion from an unassuming community in Uttar Pradesh to turning into a perceived entertainer in the computerized space features her commitment and energy for acting, making her one of the promising gifts in the business.

Anupama Prakash Instagram Account :
Followers : 300K

4. Jinnie Jazz, who leaving an imprint with her job in “Charmsukh (Jane Anjane Mein)”, was brought into the world on June 27, 1986, in Mumbai. She continues to receive offers for new OTT and web series projects and has established herself as a well-known face within the Ullu app ecosystem.

Ullu Web Series actress name

Jinnie Jazz continues to develop her career through a variety of roles in digital content and web series. She is known for giving her characters depth and sensuality, which makes her performances memorable. Other than “Charmsukh (Jane Anjane Mein)”, Jinnie has been important for different tasks like “Raat Ka Nasha” and “Jaanleva Pyar”. She will be able to explore a variety of roles and demonstrate her versatility in her future projects, which include more web series and collaborations with various digital platforms. Jinnie is a well-known actress in web series due to her dedication to her craft and ability to connect with the audience.

Jinnie Jazz Instagram Account :
Followers : 200k

5. Nehal Vadoliya, a Gujarati entertainer brought into the world on December 2, 1994, in Jamnagar, Gujarat, is known for “Gandii Baat” and “Mastram”. She has worked in a few Programs and web series, known for her strong jobs, and is supposed to show up in additional impending computerized projects.

Aside from her eminent web series jobs, Nehal Vadoliya has likewise showed up in other computerized activities and short movies. She continues to be a prominent figure in the industry, with a number of upcoming films and web series in the works. Nehal’s excursion from local film to turning into a perceived name in Hindi web series features her flexibility and obligation to her art. It is anticipated that her upcoming roles will strengthen her standing as a talented actress who is capable of playing a variety of complex characters. Nehal has established herself as a prominent figure in the digital entertainment industry thanks to her dedication to her work and her capacity to play provocative and nuanced roles and in the top of ullu Web Series actress name.

Nehal Vadoliya Instagram Account :
Followers : 100K

6. Simran Khan, who was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, on May 6, 1994, became famous for his roles in “Palang Tod (Care Taker)” and “Blackmail.” Before moving into acting, she began her career as a model, and she continues to look for new roles in web series.

Simran Khan continues to work on a variety of digital and web series, and she has a few upcoming releases that look like they will help her career. Her roles in “Blackmail” and “Palang Tod (Care Taker)” have been well received, establishing her as a versatile actress who can perform in a variety of genres. More web series and collaborations with other digital platforms are Simran’s future projects, allowing her to explore new roles and expand her acting repertoire. She is a promising star in the world of digital entertainment because her journey from modeling to becoming a well-known actress in the web series industry demonstrates her talent and dedication. Simran is also in the top of the list of Web Series actress name

Simran khan instagram account :
Followers : 150k

7. Priya Mishra, who was born on May 1, 1995, is best known for her role in “Riti Riwaj (Tijarat).” She was born in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. With a foundation in theater, Priya is lauded for her acting abilities and is engaged with a few impending computerized projects.

Ullu Web Series actress name
Notwithstanding “Riti Riwaj (Tijarat)”, Priya Mishra has chipped away at other advanced tasks and short movies, proceeding to construct her profession in media outlets. She plans to work on more web series and movies in the future, allowing her to explore a variety of roles and genres. Priya’s experience in theater and her involvement with acting have furnished her with the abilities to depict a large number of characters, making her a flexible entertainer. Her excursion from a humble community in Madhya Pradesh to turning into a perceived name in web series features her assurance and ability, promising a splendid future in the computerized diversion space.

Priya Mishra Instagram Account :
Followers : 100k

8. Nikhita Chopra, who showed up in “Khul Ja Sim”, was brought into the world on May 10, 1993, in Delhi. She is expected to appear in more web series and short films due to her background in dance and theater.

Other than “Khul Ja Sim”, Nikhita Chopra has been associated with different other web series and advanced projects. Her upcoming roles in web series and short films will give her the opportunity to further develop her acting skills and advance her career. Nikhita’s devotion to her art and her capacity to depict complex characters have made her a promising entertainer in the web series space. Her transition from dance and theater to a well-known name in digital entertainment demonstrates her versatility and dedication to her profession, paving the way for an effective acting career. After all this she come in top list of Web Series actress name

Nikhita Chopra Instagram Account :
Followers : 75K

9. Sneha Paul, brought into the world on November 28, 1994, in Kolkata, West Bengal, acquired distinction with “Charmsukh (Chawl House)”. She is well-known for her captivating screen presence and modeling experience.

Sneha Paul has appeared in other digital projects and short films besides “Charmsukh (Chawl House).” She will have the opportunity to explore a variety of roles and genres in her future projects, which include more web series and collaborations with various digital platforms. Sneha’s rise from modeling to a well-known web series actress demonstrates her talent and dedication to her craft. She is a well-known actress in the digital content industry because of her ability to portray characters that are both complex and captivating. This bodes well for her career in the entertainment industry.
Sneha Paul Instagram Account :
Followers : 90K

10. Mishti Basu, brought into the world on November 13, 1996, in Kolkata, has showed up in “Charmsukh (Salahkaar)” and “Palang Tod (Aadha Adhura Pyaar)”. She is rapidly ascending in fame because of her striking jobs and has a few new tasks arranged in the computerized content space.
Ullu Web Series actress name

Mishti Basu has appeared in numerous digital projects and short films in addition to her notable roles in the Ullu web series. Her growing popularity and talent are reflected in the fact that she continues to receive offers for new digital content and web series. Mishti’s upcoming roles will be more difficult, allowing her to develop her acting skills and advance her career in the entertainment industry. Her excursion from demonstrating to turning into a perceived entertainer in web series features her devotion and enthusiasm for acting, making her one of the promising gifts in the computerized content space. She has gained her top status in top ullu Web Series actress name 

Mishti Basu Instagram Account :
Followers : 50k

Here are a few less popular realities and bits of knowledge about these all ullu webseris actress

Anveshi Jain
Despite her fame as an actress and motivational speaker, Anveshi Jain also has a lesser-known talent for technology. Anveshi was an electrical engineer who worked on industrial machinery control systems before she became famous. She also reads a lot and has a lot of interest in self-help and psychology books, which she often talks about in her motivational talks. Regardless of her spectacular picture, Anveshi is very independent and appreciates investing energy alone, thinking, and considering life. Her excursion to popularity was difficult, as she confronted huge obstruction from her family who had doubts about her vocation change from designing to diversion.

Shafaq Naaz
Shafaq Naaz has a secret love for dancing, which she often does as a way to relax and express herself creatively. Prepared in Kathak, she at times performs at private occasions and has even arranged dance successions for a portion of her ventures. Shafaq is well-known for her charitable work off-screen; She actively supports causes pertaining to child education and women’s empowerment and actively participates in a variety of charitable endeavors. She makes it a point, despite her busy schedule, to personally interact with her fans and followers, frequently responding to their social media messages and comments. Shafaq’s affectionate relationship with her family, particularly her sister Falaq Naaz, is a foundation of her life, giving her consistent help and inspiration.

Anupama Prakash

Anupama Prakash, prior to entering the acting scene, had a critical stretch in scholarly world. She was formerly a lecturer at a college in her hometown and holds a postgraduate degree in English literature. In addition, Anupama is an accomplished painter who frequently exhibits her work in local exhibitions. She is quite reserved and prefers a quiet life away from the spotlight, despite her bold on-screen persona. She appreciates planting and has a little yet lively nursery at her home, which she tends to by and by. Anupama made the decision to move from academia to acting because she loved telling stories and wanted her work to reach a wider audience.

Jinnie Jazz

Jinnie Jazz is a fitness fanatic who is not well-known for her commitment to living a healthy life. She attributes her energy and flexibility to her regular yoga and pilates practice. Jinnie is also an avid traveler who enjoys discovering unusual international locations. She frequently incorporates historical landmarks into her travel plans due to her fascination with them. She is also very interested in writing scripts and has been working on a few ideas for stories that she wants to turn into web series or short films one day[Web Series actress name]. Jinnie was initially pursuing a career in corporate marketing before she was discovered by a talent scout, so her journey into acting was coincidental.

Nehal Vadoliya

In addition to her daring roles, Nehal Vadoliya is an animal lover who is actively involved in animal rescue efforts. She every now and again works together with creature government assistance associations and has taken on a few homeless creatures herself. Nehal has experience with old style dance, which she read up for north of 10 years, and she periodically performs at comprehensive developments. In spite of her extreme on-screen characters, she is known among companions and partners for her lowliness and sensible nature and in the top of Web Series actress name Nehal is also an avid cook who enjoys experimenting with various cuisines and frequently throws intimate dinner parties for her loved ones. Her first steps into the entertainment business were marked by a number of setbacks, but her talent and persistence eventually paid off.

Simran Khan
Despite her fame as an actress and model, Simran Khan also has a hidden talent for poetry. In her spare time, she writes poems frequently and plans to publish a collection one day. Simran is additionally a promoter for psychological wellness mindfulness, having actually battled with uneasiness and melancholy previously. She participates in mental health campaigns on a regular basis and shares her experiences to assist other people. Her charitable side incorporates working with different NGOs zeroed in on ladies’ wellbeing and schooling. hot  Web Series actress name Despite her glamorous appearance, Simran is a homebody who enjoys reading a good book or watching old movies in the evenings.

Priya Mishra

Priya Mishra has areas of strength for an in theater, having been essential for various stage creations before her introduction to web series. She has gained a profound understanding of character development and storytelling as a result of this theatrical experience. Priya is additionally an ecological lobbyist; She promotes sustainable living practices and actively participates in tree plantation drives. Her affection for nature is obvious in her successive journeying and climbing trips, which she utilizes as a method for disengaging from the chaotic universe of acting. Additionally, Priya is a classically trained singer whose vocal abilities frequently astonish those who only see her on screen. Her move from theater to digital content was motivated by her desire to experiment with various roles and reach a larger audience.

Nikhita Chopra In addition to her work as an actress and a model, Nikhita Chopra is an experienced photographer. She enjoys taking pictures of landscapes and candid moments, and she frequently posts her work on an exclusive Instagram account devoted to her photography. Nikhita has a profound interest in brain research and frequently finds out about human way of behaving, which she trusts helps her in understanding and depicting complex characters. She is also multilingual and speaks several Indian languages well, which has made it possible for her to work on a variety of projects in the region. Nikhita is known for her trained way of life, keeping a severe wellness system and a reasonable eating regimen, which she credits for her endurance and concentration. As part of her artistic journey, she hopes to one day direct and produce content to showcase her many talents.

Sneha Paul

Sneha Paul has a secret ability for culinary expressions; she is a self-trained cook who loves trying different things with different foods, particularly customary Bengali dishes. Sneha frequently hosts cooking parties for her friends and family, during which she demonstrates her culinary skills. She is quite spiritual and regularly engages in meditation and mindfulness, despite her daring roles on screen. Sneha is also an avid reader, particularly of historical fiction and biographies, which she believes help her gain insight into various eras and individuals. Sneha’s mother, a theater artist, influenced her path to acting by instilling a deep appreciation for the performing arts in her from a young age.

Mishti Basu

Mishti Basu, while known for her parts in web series, has an energy for composing. She has written a number of poems and short stories, some of which she plans to publish in the future. Mishti is likewise a talented painter, frequently involving her craftsmanship for the purpose of communicating her feelings and encounters. She regularly volunteers at local NGOs and is deeply involved in social work, with a focus on child welfare and education. Mishti’s adoration for wellness stretches out past the rec center; she is a prepared military craftsman and practices Taekwondo, which she finds engaging and stress-easing. Her entry into the acting industry was marked by a number of obstacles, but her perseverance and talent enabled her to carve out a place for herself in the digital entertainment sector.

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